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In this day and age, technology is a part of our lives. There is growing popularity of online banking, telecommuting, home networks and personal websites, and everyone from the very young to the very old are using some form of social media and when problems interfere with your computer activities it is time to get some help.

I can help remotely on Apple equipment (iMac, MacBooks) as well as windows based computers and resolve many issues with a remote session, however if your computer requires local service this wil be limited to the Baton Rouge area.

Contact me with a short description of your issue that is keeping you from full productivity and I will get it resolved.

  • Software Problems

  • Memory/Storage upgrades

  • Slow Performance 

  • No backup/recovery process

  • Networking/Router issues

  • Printer problems

  • Operating System Problems

  • Need a Website



Not all problems are easy to solve, some times it requires thinking outside the box to resolve the issue.

Remote Support

With both Apple computers and windows computers I can control your system remotely and able to resolve many issues with this remote session.

Effective Solutions

Identify the problem, analyze the problem and develop a cost effective plan to resolve the issue then execute and test the result to be sure the problem is fixed.

Service Platforms


Windows 10




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Upgading to a new router or having issues with your Wifi performance or any other networking or Wifi coverage problems? Press on a button below to see the latest from linksys sold by Apple and others for extended WIFI coverage. They accomplish this with a mesh technology or with several access points to cover bigger homes.

Purchase a new computer and need help migrating your data to your new computer? Switching from windows to Apple computer?

Services are available for macOS, IOS as well as windows OS problems. Are you up to date with all the Windows operating system updates or have other issues with your operating system?

Very few home users have any backup and recovery plan. But it is essential to have one because it is not a matter of if but of when it will be needed! Don’t let it be too late! Also most backup and recovery programs include a cloning feature as well for storage upgrades. Click on the button below to find a great example of full function backup program. They also offer a free version.

Are you having problems printing or connecting to your printer? These day most people don’t do much printing but when you need it you want it to work easily.

Started a new business or don’t have a website for you business and would like to have some exposure online. A new website might be what you want?

Click on the button below to see a few of Websites I have done.

Computer performance is combination of CPU, Memory and your disk throughput. Nothing slows a computer down more than a slow disk response. SSD upgrades are amazing.