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General Services Needs

Websites, Apple macOS, Microsoft Windows, Hard Drive Upgrades, Memory Upgrades, Performance Issues,  Application Issues, Backup/Recovery Setup, Software Upgrades and iCloud Usage.

Fully Customized

Many problems are the same or similar, but most require customized service based on what each situation calls for.

Networking Needs

Setup, Connecting Devices, Speed Problems and coverage issues.

Multiple Devices

Apple Computers, Windows Computers, iPads, iPhones, Apple Watch, Routers and Printers.

Backup Solution

Very few home users have any backup and recovery plan. But it is essential to have one because it is not a matter of if but of when it will be needed! Don’t let it be too late! 

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iMac SSD upgrade

Why Work With Me?

Customer Service

Providing excellent customer service with a high satisfaction rate along with a friendly attitude. I treat your problem as though it were mine.


I am easy to contact and I respond the same working day. Not all issues are easy to resolve. However, most issues are resolved with in a day or a few hours. 


I am reliable, respectful and responsible. Providing a quality solution is the goal. You can count on your problem being resolved completely.


For many years I worked with large scale computers, gaining valuable problem soloving skills, as well as for the last 10 years worked with helping people with  personal computer needs.



Same Height Control

If you are considering a new purchase for a computer equipment let me help you getting the best buy for budget and needs.

Latest Technology

With today’s ever changing technology it crtical to stay abrest of the latest as well as planned technologies.

Cost Effective

After all is said and down I think you will agree, you received a greater value compared to the cost of the service.


I am never finished with a problem until it is completly resolved.