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Today’s home has more networked devices as well as more household’s are moving to streaming their entertainment. So, it is very important to have a fast reliable home network!

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Product Selection

With all the options available choosing network product can be daunting, I will help you find the best product for the size of your home as well as number of networked devices along with streaming needs.


Network Setup

I will help you setup a traditional router or mesh router setup, main and guest Wi-Fi setup, assist you with connecting all of your Wireless Devices as well as check your Wi-Fi Speed for multiple devices.



With many people being forced to work from home it is more important than ever to get the speed you need.  I will analyze your network to see how it is performaing as well as review the findings with you.



Managing your home network can be a tricky endeavor. Depending on your specific service ISP, router, and connectivity method, various connection issues can rear up leaving you in the dark!


Considerations when setting up a home network

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The standards for wireless technology have changed quite a bit over the last decade. For instance, most newer laptops, smartphones and tablets utilize the newer standard, 802.11ax. 

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This means they're capable of faster speeds over Wi-Fi. If your internet package promises speeds in excess of 100Mbps and you're still using a Wireless N router, the limitations of the router's wireless capabilities may become a bottleneck for your network.

Should you use the router provided by your ISP? When you sign up with a new internet service provider (ISP) in the US, you'll be offered an equipment rental for around $5 to $7 per month. 

Consider a mesh router? A mesh router is a system with nodes that "talks" to one another. This lets a mesh router system blanket a large home with Wi-Fi without any dead spots.

The price of routers ranges from as little as $15  to upwards of $400. Your needs and your budget will ultimately dictate where you fall on that spectrum.

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📅 Wifi History

The history of WiFi is long and interesting!

In an age of streaming media and online gaming, Wi-Fi 6 (Wireless-ax) is not just a luxury: it is the networking standard you need and deserve.

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802.11ac 2013

Wi-Fi 5 (Wireless-AC) has wider bandwidth capabilities of 80 MHz. By comparison, Wireless-N’s bandwidth was only 20 or 40 MHz. Imagine the MHz as lanes on a highway: 20 MHz represents 2 lanes and 80 MHz represents 8 lane.



Currently, the fastest standard is Wi-Fi 6, the common name given to the IEEE 802.11ax wireless standard introduced in 2019. The 802.11ax standard is more common



The next wireless communications standard will be 802.11be (Wi-Fi 7), likely to be finalized by IEEE in 2024. Practically, however, 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) is still gaining ground over 802.11ac (Wi-Fi 5)

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Home networking is never as simple as merely connecting device A to device B and having everything work as you want!