Built for you or your business at very competitive prices!

  • Three different development platforms 

  • Blocs app for macOS - I build and maintain!

  • Squarespace - I build and you can maintain!

  • Wordpress - I build and you can maintain



Custom website built by Blocs. Blocs is a fast, intuitive and powerful visual web design software, that lets me create responsive websites to meet your custom requirements. Blocs has everything I need to build beautiful and amazing, professional websites. This option provides the best cost while providing all the functionality needed!


With Squarespace, you can get started with a best-in-class website template for nearly any use case and customize it to fit your brand. Our all-in-one platform also makes it easy to add a blog, an online store, or appointment scheduling to your website and leverage marketing tools to reach your audience.


WordPress is software designed for everyone, emphasizing accessibility, performance, security, and ease of use. We believe great software should work with minimum set up, so you can focus on sharing your story, product, or services freely.

Check out some of the websites I have build with Blocs

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Website Development Process

No Charge!


Initial Contact & Planning

Setup meeting to first pick a platform then determine a basic design. This includes look and feel, number of pages, number of photos, logos, hostname and basic page content.


Build Mockup

Once the initial Planning is complete I will build a starter mockup website to be sure we are on the right track. This will also establish a communication for the completed website.


Develop Quote

After the mockup is complete I will send you a quote for building your new website. The quote will include price, approximate time frame as well as any additional tools required for the project.


Three excellent platforms 

Getting a website is the first step toward launching your business in an digital environment. It allows you to promote your product or service, build credibility, and expand your reach. If you’re not on the internet these days, you’re not being as competitive as you could be and you may miss out on opportunities. If your customers can’t find you, they will find someone else.


Blocs is a really great website builder. I have  almost complete freedom of designing a website from scratch very fast and on the other hand I can tweak every single element. For this option there is the initial cost and then only annual hosting fee.


Squarespace has stunning, high-quality templates. This is the go-to platform for high-quality, stunning template designs, which help your site to stand out from the crowd. Also, It has transparent pricing plans won’t catch you off guard.

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If you need extra support for your large, content-heavy website. It’s a good choice for you or anyone looking to have a completely customized  site from a blank canvas,  with powerful blogging tools and limitless third-party plugins to choose from.


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